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Frequently Asked Questions

Get familiar with how Rock City works! Here are some common questions we get and their answers.


Where are you located?


Rock City is not a shelter, so we do not have a physical location. We are a network of fosters in and around the central Arkansas area and do most of our adoptions in the Northeastern United States, along with local adoptions. We are currently looking for foster homes in AR, PA, NJ, NY, and CT! 


How can I see your dogs?

Please check our Facebook page, Rock City Rescue, and if you're interested in adopting, email your phone number to us at to apply.


What is your adoption process?


The first step is to fill the application out. Please fill it out in its entirety and tell us as much about yourself as possible - the more information we get the better we can match you with the right dog. We do three reference checks (only 1 can be a family member and partners/ spouses do not count) and a vet check for currently or recently owned pets (any pets owned within the last 10 years). Before going through the application process, please familiarize yourself with the terms of our adoption contract available here. 


I want to mail/fax in my application. How do I do that?

Since we don't have a physical location we prefer you email your application. You can print and scan your application and email it to us at or just fill out the document and email it back. 


What does your adoption fee include?

All of our adult dogs are spayed/neutered (age appropriate) and vaccinated (age appropriate) with rabies, DHPP and bordetella. We keep the dogs up-to-date on flea and heartworm preventative and do a heartworm test. If a dog tests heartworm positive, the dog will be treated before adoption. In some cases, dogs need surgery or other major medical treatments when we rescue them. If we know about an illness or injury when we rescue the dog, we do our best to take care of those vet costs before adoption. Any illnesses or injuries we are not aware of before adoption or that arise after adoption are solely the responsibility of the adopter. 


I sent in my application. Now what?

Once we get your application, we begin processing it. All of our staff are volunteers with full time jobs so we ask that you give us 7-10 days to process your application. Please notify your references that we will be contacting them so they can look out for our email or phone call.  


My application was approved.
Does that mean I can have any dog I want?

Yes and no. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for the dogs!), many of our pups get multiple applications. We try and make the best choice for each dog based on the applications we have.  We are committed to making our applicants part of the Rock City family so if you don't get the dog you want at first, we are happy to help you find another dog that you will love! 


I want to adopt a dog, but I'm going out of town.
Can you hold on to the dog for me?

This option is usually not possible, but there is always a possibility. Since our dogs are kept in foster homes, keeping one for an extended period of time means we can't rescue another dog. If you're going out of town, you may want to wait until you're back or figure out what you can do with your pet while you're gone.


I would like to volunteer. What kinds of things can I do?

Please email our Volunteer Coordinator at for ways to volunteer. Please give us an idea of your skills, experience and how much time you think you can commit. We always need volunteers for different kinds of activities — from handling dogs at adoption events to helping with outreach to posting fliers to helping with fundraising. There are many ways to help!


I'd like to foster a dog. What's involved?

Please read the foster FAQ and fill out the application online or email for more information.  We ask that our fosters commit to fostering the dog until the dog is adopted (to minimize shuffling around).  Some dogs get adopted within a few weeks, others take a few months. The average time is approximately 4-6 weeks. You need to be able to get your dog to vet appontments . Rock City will take care of emergency vetting and provide you a crate (if you let us know you need one). Food and any other costs are usually at the expense of the foster.


I'd like to donate food/crates/leashes/toys/money/etc.
How can I do this?

Please email us with what you would like to donate at Dog items can also be purchased off our Amazon wishlist. Please email us if you would like to make a financial donation either by check or Paypal and we can let you know how to do that. 

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