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Rock City Rescue has no kennel. We depend upon volunteers to provide foster homes for our adoptable pets. These adoptable pets need foster homes. They are waiting in an animal shelter, OR are living in another situation where they should not stay. 


Foster care allows the pet to live in a home environment while awaiting permanent placement. The foster family's knowledge of the pet allows RCR to learn about the pet's personality and needs, which is hugely helpful to making a good adoptive match. Foster care gives the pet time to find an adoptive home, without risk of euthanasia.


1. If your foster dog is coming from a shelter, we’ll be in touch with you regarding the scheduling of their arrival. A volunteer will either bring them to you, or you will pick up from the location.


2. If there are any known health issues, you will be made aware of this in advance, and we’ll make sure you’re cool with fostering a special needs dog.


3. We’ll provide initial necessities, such as a crate (as long as you let us know you need one), some food, a collar and leash. Since all of these things are paid for by Rock City Rescue, we greatly appreciate anything you can provide for your foster dog.


4. Be prepared for accidents. These poor guys may have been through hell. They’ve been removed from their homes, for whatever reason, left in a shelter or two, maybe yanked out of a previous foster home, stuck in countless crates, fended for themselves on the streets, etc.. They’re a little freaked out, and it’s going to take them a little while to settle into yet another new home. In the mean time, they’re probably going to have some accidents, and separation anxiety is a real possibility once the dog gets attached to you. Which leads me to...


5. Be prepared to deal with separation anxiety. It’s no fun, but it can be handled in a productive way. Again, it’s important to remember what these guys have been through, and you’re likely the first stable presence in their life since they lost their original home.


6. Of course, we’re here to help as much as we can, but you’re encouraged to do some research as well. Each dog is different, and each will have his or her own quirks and hurdles. It’s simply impossible to cover all the nuances of fostering a dog in one place.


More questions about fostering? Check out our Foster FAQ page.

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