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How To Volunteer

First of all, we appreciate your interest in helping the homeless pets of Rock City Rescue and we want to thank you for taking time from your busy lives to help us and, more importantly, to help the pets we rescue. With all of us working together, we can make a difference in the lives of these wonderful pets and find them loving forever homes. In order for us to be as consistent and professional as possible, we have put together some guidelines for everyone to follow while we are in the public eye, which can all be found below this form.


Multiple ways you can help:


Help in 15 minutes by:

  • posting an event on your Facebook page

  • hanging an event day flyer on your office bulletin board or local coffee shop

  • writing a review about our rescue at


Help in one hour by:  

  • asking a local business to donate a gift card to RCR

  • setting up a pet supply donation box in your office break room


Help in two hours by:  

  • volunteering at a an event

  • hosting a fundraiser at your house



RCR Volunteer Guidelines and Terms


Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


Looking as uniform as possible makes us appear more professional. RCR has t-shirts available for purchase when you start volunteering. Just contact us so we can get one to you.


  • Know RCR's mission and/or purpose for the event.

  • If you have any questions regarding your schedule at an upcoming event, need to change your day, or simply can't make it, please call and let us know ASAP!!!!! We also need to know if you plan on bringing an extra person or dog along because some store managers or events might limit us. Please refrain from coming to any event location with your dog(s) unless you are scheduled to volunteer at that event. If you are scheduled for a specific shift, we would appreciate it if you stay the entire time so no one is left alone. If you have ideas of new places to hold events or advertising contacts, please let us know.

  • Your Opinions: While we agree that each volunteer has every right to his or her feelings regarding rescue... When representing RCR in any capacity please do not put forth your personal political views.

  • Where to Stand: The general public must be able to access our information and table. Please stand off to the side, stay close to the table, and keep in mind that you are more approachable when you are standing rather than sitting. Many people are simply casual browsers and are only interested in looking at pictures or petting the dogs, so please try to refrain from using a "salesman technique" or telling too many stories about your own dog, unless of course you're asked.

  • Keep Answers General: We have found in the past that placement seems to improve (pet not being returned) if we are not so extreme in our opinions about how perfect our pets are for adoption. Be aware that all pets may not behave exactly like yours and try to make that a point when answering questions (i.e. "My pet does this...but not all pets may be like mine"). Let people know that we try to learn as much as possible about each pet in foster care so we may match the right pet with the right family. If you do not know how to answer a question, please don't hesitate to just say "I don't know." No information is better than misinformation! Feel free to ask what an appropriate answer may be for the next time. Also remember that one-on-one contact is best with the public. As eager as you all are to answer questions, please try not to gang up on potential adopters and/or donors.

  • Donations: If you notice someone putting a donation in the donation container, please thank them. If someone asks you what the donation money is used for please know RCR's mission and/or purpose for the event.

  • Store or Event Managers: Please be considerate of store managers and event organizers who have made it possible for us to hold our event. Their customers are their source of income! Please be sure not to block the flow of traffic through doorways or aisles, as well as any product displays near the table. Always remember to thank them at the end of the day for letting us be there.

All volunteers MUST read and agree to the "Guidelines and Terms", "Code of Conduct" and submit an application.

The Volunteer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RCR and its members or representatives against any and all claims for any injury or property damage to the Volunteer.

Volunteers are not authorized to identify themselves with RCR, or attempt to use their position to gain credibility for political purposes or illicit personal gain.

Last, but not least, remember it is our job during an event to educate the public about pet rescue and our mission and that there are thousands of pets available for adoption. Don't ever hesitate to call with any questions, problems, concerns, stories, etc. (no matter how big or small). You are the link between the public and RCR.

Thank you for all your help!


Unable to volunteer at this time, you can still make a difference and help save a life by making a tax deducible donation...

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